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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trees, People, Religion, And Rocks - മരങ്ങളും, മനുഷ്യരും, മതങ്ങളും പിന്നെ കുറെ പാറകളും (Trees, Human, Religion and some Rockes) Some Scenes From My City (Hyderabad & Secunderabad Part II

Faith.  A Scene from my city. Secunderabad

A Building Built on a Rock. A Pic. From Secunderabad

A roadside tree
Rock Garden

A Scene from a rocky place. Pic From Secunderabad

A banyan  tree near a temple

Yet another view of a rock

A view from the top

Rock on Rock

Rocks Telling Stories

Rocks Unity

A picture taken in the evening
A city built on a rock :-)

A worship place surrounded by rocks. A Pic. from Secunderabad

A sleeping rock

Inscriptions on the rocks near a temple

A liquor shop's  Add on a rock

Death of a tree

A dead tree

A dying tree

Though at a greenery place this tree is dying. reasons unknown
A lovely scene form my city Secunderabad
Business as usual under the shadow of a tree -  Lal Bazar, Secunderabad

A tree at a busy market place called Lal Bazar, at Secunderabad

An age old tree

An Umbrella Tree

A Worship Place Built on a Rock

A Worship Place Built on a Rock

A Worship Place Built on a Rock

Rocks getting ready for the building construction

Another Age od tree

Devotees worship this tree. A scene from the street of Hyderabad, Rajbhavan road

Bottom of a typical tree

A tamarind tree on the road side, An old lady covering her face while shooting the pic

Yet Another scene from my city Secunderabad

Water Rock And Sky. A Pic from Secunderabad

A close view of a worship place. pic from secunderabad

Rock Bottom

A widely spread growing tree

Another picture of a widely spread growing tree

Spreads its wings around :-)

A blurred picture of a tree

Photographs taken by P V Ariel

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